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New!  8mm filmcapture tutorial on Youtube.
A complete discription of my film transfer system.

In 1965, Kodak developed the Super-8 film system and Fuji the single-8 system .
From then on it was possible for the average man to make his own home movies.

Contrary to what you might think these films, if well preserved, can still be in very good condition. The content is a real threasure of historical and sentimental value.

Today, with modern computer equipment, it is possible to transfer these films in to a digital format with very high quality. I developed my own  telecine-units. One for S8 and one for R8.
I do not use the webcam any more, only the machine vision camera.

I have also made an Avisynth script for digital film restoring
This script will remove dirt spots, stabilizing, color correcting etc...

Here you find a few  example clips on Vimeo. You can download these clips in Mpeg4 format.
This format can be used to burn on DVD and watch on your TV.

The main langue of this site is Dutch...Some pages have English translation.
But please enjoy the many pictures and clips. I am working on the translation..
Thank you for your visit!

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